Friday, January 18, 2013

The FREMM Normandy takes shape in Lorient

A few months before his first navigation, Normandy, multi-mission frigate third (FREMM) and second unit of its kind for the Navy takes its final form. Afloat after its Oct. 18 on the site of DCNS Lorient, the building received a few weeks ago her masts. In completion to dock, Normandy to begin its sea trials in the second half of 2013, with a view to admission to active duty the following year in the French fleet. She will join the Aquitaine that DCNS has delivered to the Navy in December and will begin its first long-term deployment of the context of the verification phase of military capabilities, prior to his admission to active duty, scheduled for late 2013.

Long by 142 meters for a displacement of 6000 tons load, these frigates are designed to implement eight Exocet MM40 anti-ship missiles Block3, 16 Scalp Naval cruise missiles (MdCN), 16 surface to air missiles Aster 15, a 76mm turret two guns remotely operated 20mm, machine guns, MU90 torpedoes and a helicopter NH90 (Cayman Marine).

In all 9 FREMM were ordered for the needs of the Navy. Two other additional buildings will be added, this derivative version called FREDA is optimized for air defense. A FREMM has also been controlled by Morocco. This is the future Mohammed VI, Commander of the second series in the schedule, DCNS between Aquitaine and Normandy.

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