Tuesday, January 22, 2013

The White Paper on Defence revealing the operation Serval

On a limited scale, the war in Mali nevertheless reveals gaps armaments.

Even if they do not openly acknowledge, for many officers, the war in Mali timely when the committee responsible for drafting the White Paper on Defence finalizes its work. Expected in late February, the document will be inventory of threats to France, but also stop the "format", that is to say the number, the Grande Muette for the next fifteen years. In the ranks, the great fear is that the Army makes the cost of budgetary constraints, to the point of not being able to intervene in the world.

"Everything begins and ends on the ground," recalls as anonymous colonel who believes the war in Mali avoid scenarios that lead to "too deflationary." This is unlikely, because the operation Serval is not enough to influence the structuring corpulence future Army. "We are far from the threshold heating, and more threshold overheating," says says a source close to the commission.

 The military might of consolation side hardware for this war confirms, if necessary, certain programs. As in Libya, the most glaring lack focuses on tankers. Jean-Yves Le Drian, the defense minister, has promised to order fourteen A330 this year. Given the urgency, the corresponding appropriations will probably be "sanctuaris├ęs" in the next military programming law.

Serval also remember how the A400M is lacking. With the future military transport aircraft, army could deploy three or four times faster than his old Transall. The first three units are expected this year. Ultimately, France in command may not be fifty (all depend on the future format of the army), but they will not fail for the next external operations.

Part of the park was upgraded to Afghanistan, particularly to strengthen the shield. Despite their age, even if their maintenance is expensive, the VAB will work in Mali. Rather than Serval, are budgetary constraints will decide.

Jean-Yves Le Drian will, however, not delay the decision on the replacement of drones, as the operation Serval confirms the absolute necessity of using this information.

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