Monday, January 14, 2013

Washington has provided limited technical support to France during the attack in Somalia

The United States has provided limited technical support to French forces during raid in Somalia fruitless launched Saturday to release a secret service agent held for more than three years by the Islamists, said President Barack Obama in a letter to Congress.

U.S. forces have provided limited technical support to French forces during this operation, but they are not directly involved in the assault on the camp where the French citizen was detained, the U.S. President wrote in a letter to Congress U.S..

The failed attempt to free a French hostage held by the Shebab organization linked to Al-Qaeda on Saturday resulted in the death of at least eight civilians, according to witnesses on the spot and 17 terrorists, according to the French government. In addition, a French soldier died and another missing.

The fate of the French hostage Denis Allex presented as probably a pseudonym, remains uncertain.

U.S. fighter aircraft entered the airspace briefly in Somalia to provide assistance in the rescue operation, if necessary, President Obama wrote, adding that the device was not used weapons during this operation .

I ordered U.S. forces to support the rescue operation to promote the interests of U.S. national security, he said.

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