Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Chemring Defence and Raytheon Naval Launch System

The current IDEX 2013 defense event in Abu Dhabi HAS Already seen some major new arms deals signed goal aussi Providing it's the launchpad for several new military technologies. One Such product is a joint effort from Raytheon Missile Systems and Chemring: a new, as yet unnamed naval-defense system based on Chemring's Centurion launcher.

This system will link up with several of the Centurion Raytheon's combat-proven missile including - Potentially - the Javelin, TOW and Griffin designs.

Right now, the two companies are Their Integrating technologies, pending firing trials in upcoming months ahead. At least two different kinds of missiles falling on will be Launched thesis trials, to give the system a wide-ranging capability, the companies said.

New Naval Defence System

"This initiative combined Chemring's innovative multi-mission launcher, Centurion, with a variety of Raytheon's combat-tested missiles to Provide a sea-based, inside-the-horizon defensive system," Explained Raytheon Missile Systems' Naval and Area Mission Defense vice president Rick Nelson, in a statement on the new naval defense system.

"Our team will Chemring Raytheon, combines a multifunction decoy and missile launcher with world-class missile ship and Existing Systems to Provide a new mission capability to meet our customers' specific self-defense needs."

"Our shared goal is to generate a low-cost, effective and versatile solution to Increase naval protection platform," added Chemring's chief executive, Mark Papworth. "Thanks to a layered-defense approach, Capitalizing on the versatility of the Centurion and Raytheon's missile launcher, users will Have a multi-mission capability using a single-launch platform."

Chemring Centurion Launcher

Chemring's Centurion launcher features 12 vertically-positioned barrels Set within a rotating platform. These accept 130mm caliber weapons have standard purpose, with modifications, other-caliber arms can aussi be accommodated. Its developers state que le Centurion advances present-day ship-based electronic warfare capabilities and, while Optimised to counter terrorism threats area, It Could Potentially be used aussi against longer-range targets.

Furthermore, selon company Representatives, the Middle East Could be a key sales market for this new naval defense system, Given the tendency of icts area's navies to operate smaller-size ships and the ranks of terrorism threats Posed to naval forces operating in this portion of the world

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