Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Equipment: Adoption of NH 90 Cayman

Thursday, February 14, 2013: The Army formally adopted the Cayman NH 90, this helicopter class 11 tons, in its earthly TTH (Tactical Transport Helicopter) allowing instructors training center joint (CFIA) of Cannet des Maures (Var) to begin pilot training operational from April 2013.

For the fleet renewal for tactical transport helicopter, this device has the evidence of his many performances in the technical operational evaluation period.

This marvel of technology, powerful, fast, nervous, reliable, agile, maneuverable, autonomous, will help to ensure tasks under conditions more difficult and degraded in all theaters of operation.

In series with the electric flight control, a rear hatch allowing loading and unloading faster, helmets for pilots incorporating a night vision device latest generation of an enhanced self-protection, the NH 90 Cayman has a strong operational capacity personnel carriers (20 fighters and 2,500 kg of material).

Military boarding the 1st Regiment of the tailgate Spahis NH90 Caiman

NH 90 program is a major European program launched by France, Germany, Italy, the Netherlands, joined in 2006 by Belgium. 14 countries have so far ordered 529 copies of which 111 units with NFH, anti-surface and anti-submarine.

The Army should have a module in 2014 to 4 devices can be projected, as well as six operational crews and 6 devices join the 1errégiment helicopter gunships (1st RHC) Phalsbourg.

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