Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Exercise Cobra Gold 2013 begins

The combined annual multinational training exercise seal, Cobra Gold 2013, HAS started in the Pacific in Thailand, Aimed at Enhancing peace and stability operations supporting.

Sponsored by the Thai-US Pacific Command, the exercise Demonstrates the Ability to Plan and conduite combined-joint operations, as well as Enhance interoperability capabilities and strengths Among to solve regional challenges not the subject.

Participating countries in Cobra Gold 2013 will include Indonesia, Japan, Malaysia, Singapore and the Republic of Korea, Alongside Representatives from more than 20 countries, Including Burma.

During the ten-day training exercise, around 13.000 multinational participants will conduite computer-simulated scenarios, combined arms live-fire events, field training operations, and Humanitarian Assistance and civic projects.

U.S. Pacific Command Admiral Samuel J ordered navy Locklear III Said que les exercise has-been designed to 'replicate the dynamic environment we find today in Ourselves and [expect] in the future'.

"It is critical to building our multinational coordination, our interoperability with all of our partners in the area and to allow us to Collectively sponds to crises and protect the peace and prosperity of all our people," Locklear added.

In addition, staff will Participating amphibious assault Demonstrate Such as attack jets, helicopters, landing craft and small boats, small boat and helicopter raids, a non-combatant evacuation multilateral operation, as well as jungle warfare and chemical, biological, radiological and nuclear training.

The exercise aussi Enables Participating nations to build military-to-military relationships and Strengthen the long-standing ties with other Participating nations.

Cobra Gold 2013 exercise of the 32nd icts series, is scheduled to run through to 21 February.

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