Tuesday, February 12, 2013

North Korea tested a nuclear weapon about 7 kilotonnes

North Korea has made ​​the night (3 hours 57 hours French) for an underground nuclear test with a capacity estimated at between 6 and 7 kilotons. An earthquake with a magnitude of 5.1 on the Richter scale was recorded, as confirmed by the U.S. Geological Survey , with an epicenter located 1 km depth.

It is the third North Korean test. October 9, 2006 that had reached a very low power of the order of 0.5 kt. Experts believe that 'was a technical failure, even putting some doubt on the nuclear explosion. Retry, May 25, 2009, which again results have been many questions as we reported then .

Today, experts have no doubt that the North Koreans have passed a test of a weapon of power quite low (between half and a third of the Hiroshima bomb). The questions focus on the technique used. There are in fact two ways to make a bomb with plutonium or uranium. Until now, the North Koreans were using plutonium but we know they developed a die uranium. Have they succeeded? To find out, it will recueillier particles that would escape the pit of fire. The American sniffer planes are at work ...

Beyond political issues posed by this test, it is calir that North Korea is continuing its program that walks on two feet, weapons and ballistic missiles to carry them. We read the interview that the journalist Christian Lardier very good connoisseur of space issues had granted Marianne.net in December 2012.

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