Tuesday, February 19, 2013

IDEX: Nexter VBCI unveils UAE

The "big" contract expected IDEX French, it is this: the VBCI Nexter. The UAE expressed a need for more than 700 armored infantry fighting 8X8. With a requirement: it is fitted with the turret of the BMP-3 Russian Army service UAE. For the first time, Nexter presented on its stand VBCI with a model of the turret of Russian origin. This turret asked engineers at work Nexter adaptation is now complete, "we are confident of its feasibility" assured the industry on its stand.

Because the turret of the BMP-3 is much heavier than French and imposing 25 mm. Turret "two men" it implements a gun low pressure of 100 mm surprising capable of direct fire but also short to medium distance shot short, ie as a mortar. 100 mm while it also has an anti-tank missile firing capability! Other class present on the turret UAE: a 30 mm long.

French engineers have been forced to revise their copy, taking into account the weight and size factor but also everything that is connection to "marry" the sensors and size of the turret with the "intelligence" of the French vehicle. Heavier underbody VBCI was reinforced by location. More cumbersome, it was also necessary to review the interior: the UAE may receive VBCI Version 7 Foot (11 for the French version), plus the pilot and two gunners turret.

The VBCI for him to be tested in combat in Afghanistan, Lebanon and recently in Mali, where the vehicle has performed flawlessly, both in terms of protection of mobility or endurance (crossing from Dakar northern Mali in record time). He finds himself in the UAE against the Patria AMV, much heavier.Surprisingly, no model of the UAE AMV version was presented at the booth of Finns, who is very discreet at IDEX. If the AMV for him a very tight these days Nexter have provided a very competitive offer ...

A read also the article on FOB VBCI the UAE .

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