Friday, February 1, 2013

More Iveco LMVs 62 for Norway

The Norwegian Armed Forces is getting 62 more Iveco Light Multirole Vehicles (LMV) via a follow-up order by Iveco Defence Vehicles Announced in late January 2013.

The order was Agreed by the Norwegian Defence Logistics Organisation - the unit tasked with meeting all the Norwegian Armed Forces' engineering, acquisition and investment needs.

The LMV is a 4x4 tactical vehicle to protect AIMS That Those on the inside with a high-functioning armor protection suite, designed to counter Improvised Explosive Devices, mines and ballistic attacks, WHILST Ensuring crew members still get a comfortable ride.

Used by Italy (where it reserves as the 'Lynx'), the UK (as the 'Panther'), Belgium, Spain, Austria, the Czech Republic and Croatia, the LMV HAS 600 km range, a top speed of 130 km per hour and an all-up weight of seven tons.

Iveco Light Multirole Vehicle

The Iveco Light Multirole Vehicle is armed with a remote-controlled weapons station That can accept up to 12.7mm caliber weapons. As far as Norway's Concerned, it's got the option of HAVING icts LMVs fitted with manual weapons turrets or locally-produced Kongsberg Remote Weapons Stations.

The Light Multirole Vehicle aussi highly air-transportable: two LMVs can be loaded inside a standard C-130 military transportation aircraft, while a C-47 Chinook can Accommodate a single example.

Norwegian Army Order LMV

The Norwegian Army LMV this order takes ground forces' Light Multirole Vehicle fleet total up to 170 examples. The first Norwegian LMV order was for 25 vehicles and was Placed in 2006. Requiring 15 LMVs to be Supplied That the Following year and 10 year, it was succeeded by year interim order, with this latest order therefore the third Placed to date.

It's the second IVECO LMV aussi Placed order this month, with the Russian Army ordered 60 examples HAVING just days ago.

Other armored vehicles operated by the Norwegian Army include the HP 9030 Stormpanservogn and M113 tanks, the Leopard 2A4 heavy tank, the Archer artillery system self-driven and the BV 206 tracked vehicle.

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