Monday, February 11, 2013

Multiple-Warhead Missile Agni Indian

India HAS Revealed it's now working on new addition to advanced year icts long-established Agni missile series. Equipped with multiple Warheads, the Agni-VI intercontinental ballistic missile Would have the capacity to strike several targets simultaneously.

Agni-VI is Being Worked on by-DRDO - India's Defence Research and Development Organisation - for the future Indian Armed Forces. Has not yet Revealed DRDO too much about performance goal icts it's been Agni-VI Suggested That will Have a ranks of up to 10.000 km.

It's set to be aussi produced in several variants, Including a submarine-launched naval version and a land-based version, ble to be Transported by rail or road.

Agni-VI Intercontinental Ballistic

Officials selon DRDO, Agni-VI oz the intercontinental ballistic missile has-been fully Developed, India will join a select group of nations with the same capability: chiefly Russia and the United States.

Alongside Agni missile icts Ongoing development, India is currently exploring new aussi cruise missile defense options, ALLOWING icts Armed Forces to counter hostile aircraft and missiles inbound. While the Agni series moves on, India Agni missile still testing older designs. For example, in August 2012, it Carried out annually Agni-II launch while, on the ground, radar and electro-optic systems tracked the missile's progress.

India is currently hosting the 9th edition of the Aero India aerospace event at Yelahanka Air Force Station, Bangalore. As Aero India Have previous event, Aero India 2013 acts as a showcase for Indian military aviation at large, blending spectacular flying displays with ground-based attractions.

Agni Missile Warhead multiple-

Speaking in Bangalore, VK Saraswat - who heads the Defence Research and Development Organisation - hailed the new multiple-warhead missile Agni's attributes.

"Agni-V is a major strategic defense weapon," he said. "Now we want to make Agni-VI Which would be a strength increase.

"It will increase power capability Have MIRV by the [Multiple Independently Targetable Re-entry Vehicle] Which would enable us approach to Deliver Many payloads at the same time using only one missile. Work in this area is on design and Have Been completed. We are now in the hardware realization phase. "

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