Monday, February 11, 2013

UK MoD Signs Ground-Breaking Service Agreement with Heli-One

Lars Landsnes, Vice President of Heli-One's European Operation, joined Ian Craddock, Head of Helicopters 2 of the MoD at RAF Benson, on 7 February to sign a new contract for a long-term Contractor Logistic Support (CLS) arrangement for the Makila 1A1 engines fitted in the new Puma HC Mk2 helicopter.No. 33 and 230 Squadron's fleet of 24 Puma HC Mk2s will be serviced by a pool of new, powerful Makila 1A1 engines. The MoD challenged industry to offer a CLS solution not only Offered Which engine 100% availability goal aussi Would offer extremely good cost-efficiency to the UK contribuable.

Heli-One, a division of CHC Helicopter, HAS supported over 340.000 Makila engine flying hours in the last three years alone, Providing services since 1985. Heli-One Were ble to use Their depth of operational and maintenance experience to the RAF's Requirements analysis in detail and assemble a support service model. The proposal includes the innovative Ability to sustain Makila 1A1 engine availability using assets from Heli-One's own stock if required.

The CLS model is Founded upon best practices in the high-frequency trading Rotary Oil and Gas sector Support Developed for 'Power by the Hour' (PBH) contracts. PBH contracts allow the customer to budget Have full awareness and control. The MoD will be ble to forecast schedules of expenditure based on flight hours logged through Planned year RAF and Heli-One dual reporting system.

Ian Craddock commented, "I'm extremely pleased to witness the award of this contract to Heli-One. Substantially Increases The Makila engine the performance of our Puma helicopters and is a vital portion of the modernization of this capability. Heli-One Have Substantial experience in the media of the Makila engine mount and the robust arrangements We have Agreed will help secure this performance advantage for the military and Deliver excellent value for the contribuable. "

Working Closely with Heli-One will enable Puma HC Mk2 Squadrons to benefit from industry-leading responsiveness and service levels. The multimillion pound contract is for a period of 13 years. The engine repair and overhaul activity will take deep place in Heli-One's facility in Stavanger, Norway. Heli-One Norway's Turbomeca-approved engine shop is a center of excellence for Makila support, and has-been repairing and overhauling Makila engines for over 20 years. The scope of the contract will aussi Involve Heli-One Being Permanently embedded technical engineers at RAF Benson to work as a team with RAF operations staff.

Lars Landsnes Said, "Heli-One is exceedingly proud to be helping the MoD pioneer a new way to manage key assets. Learned from Everything We have years Makila engines operating in harsh environments Both benign and will be of value in helping the RAF Achieve optimal mission-readiness. "

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