Tuesday, February 12, 2013

The Korean nuclear test unanimously condemned

"Deeply" condemned by Russia, "extremely regrettable" for Japan and "provocative" for the White House: the shooting of the North Korean regime aroused the indignation of the international community.

This is a rare unanimity. Western countries such as Russia and China were quick Tuesday condemned the nuclear test conducted at night by North Korea. Yet seen as an ally of Pyongyang, Beijing tried in vain to dissuade the regime of Kim Jong-un to perform this test. "The Chinese have launched the North Koreans a strong warning asking them not to perform this test when it became obvious that it was imminent," said a diplomat at the UN. "What the North Koreans have is a real challenge to the Chinese," said the source who believes that Beijing, Moscow and Washington will consult for several days and will quickly agree on a firm action.

"Condemning deeply" initiative in North Korea, Russia lamented "a violation of UN resolutions." In a statement, the UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon made the same analysis, denouncing a shooting "profoundly destabilizing". The Security Council of the UN will meet in emergency early Tuesday afternoon to discuss how to respond to this test.

U.S. President Barack Obama has denounced an act of "provocation" and called for international action "fast" and "credible." While Pyongyang justified its test by the need to protect its sovereignty against the relentless hostility of the United States, the tenant of the White House believes that the shot does not make North Korea more secure.

Japan has its "strong protest". This test is "extremely regrettable and violated a series of UN resolutions."

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