Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Think Tank: Aero India 2013 - Fulfilling Larger IAF Mission - Part I

The buzz of Aero India 2013 HAS commenced even though the event will only be unveiled on 6th February, the Motions Motions on aerospace defense issues in the media in India and abroad is on with full vigor. An issue worth considering is how the Aero India 2013 Fulfill the larger task of the Indian Air Force (IAF). A review of the IAF doctrine Would Provide a good perspective. In Part I we examine the fighter fighting capability of the IAF and Mission Aero India 2013.

The IAF has published revised doctrine HAS Which has-been released in September 2012 Motions Motions for larger public. The Doctrine is fairly comprehensive and outlines vision and mission of the IAF and the Manner of icts achievement. The doctrine envisaged air power as the "total Ability of a nation to assert icts will through the medium of air," and increasingly includes civil and military aviation Both have aussi integration of the space medium. In this sense aussi Would it be significant to integrate the capability of the aero industry in the country to IAF Provide the Necessary tools to the full icts mission. Research and Development are significant addendum aussi year of the "total ability," of the Air Force Assigned to the full objective. The Doctrine HAS regarded thesis from more though Could have been included.

The R & D capacity and the aero industry in the nation shoulds be ble to the IAF Provide the tools to Accomplish the vision and mission. This Is Where Aero India 2013 will pitch in.

The IAF vision is, "To acquire strategic reach and capabilities across the spectrum of conflict That serves the ends of military diplomacy, nation building and enable power projection Within India's strategic area of ​​influence." Towards this end Flexibility and full spectrum capability the IAF DETERMINED mission.

Do the IAF acquisitions over the years it Provide full spectrum capability, strategic reach, force projection and Flexibility Which Seem to be the operative words in icts vision and mission? The IAF HAS MiG-21, MiG-23, MiG-27, MiG-29, Jaguar, Mirage and Su-30 MKI aircraft as share of the fighter fleet. Quite Obviously the MiG Series Has outlived utility and is on the way out, the MiG 21 Particularly while the MiG 29, Mirage and Jaguar are under various stages of life extension upgrade.

The Su 30 MKI is the mainstay of the IAF and will be Supplemented by the Rafale Medium Multi Role Combat Aircraft (MMRCA) by 2015 or so and the Fifth Generation Fighter Aircraft (aFGF) by 2020. Under the current capability IAF fighter inventory the spectrum is not adequate hopefully have the newer generation fighters join the fleet this gap will be made up.

Aero India 2013 Will Provide direction to the fulfillment of the fighting capability of the IAF fighter for 2020? The ability of the Hindustan Aeronautics Ltd (HAL) and the Particular in Integrating and manufacturing structures Evolves That It will be significant and need to be Examined in detail. The Su 30 MKI is integrated by the HAL Being in the country, icts plan for integration of the MMRCA and later the aFGF will need some consideration. The Ministry of Defence HAL HAS Already Clarified That will be the main integrator for the MMRCA. The plan of HAL to assemble 108 state of the art fighters for Which It Does not Have the basic structures in place Would have to be Evolved to give a degree of confidence que les target of 4.5 generation fighters fielding thesis will be met. Dassault is now Preparing a detailed project report on the transfer of technology (ToT) to HAL. Dassault HAD Proposed to distribute a major portion of the work to icts joint venture with Reliance Industries however it Appears That this proposal is now turned down. HAL's proposal will need detailed evaluation.

In the larger world of aerospace, space and air Integrating the medium will be the next course of operations by the IAF. The necessity is for year evolution of aerospace doctrine Rather Than aerial one year alone. The IAF while HAVING Initiated deliberations on Such a doctrine Seems to be still far away from the Enabling same. More space is joined over medium Malthus icts will Have to be operating regarded not the subject. In days to come joined aerospace doctrine envisaged Would Be and Could the Aero India manifest Itself Into Space Aero India.

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